ITANCIA is a value-added wholesaler since all our product ranges come with a range of associated services.
Whether you receive logistical, technical or environmental support from us, we are here to help you deploy effective, competitive and green solutions.

Commercial service

Commercial service :

Our sales force is spread across the whole of France to bring our customers a dedicated and responsive service. Presence, Performance, Responsiveness and Skills are our sales organisation’s key words for your satisfaction.

Sales department

Technical department

How you benefit on a daily basis :

  • At ITANCIA, you have a dedicated member of the sales team as a single contact point to promote all of our service range. We enter into a real partnership process with you. The relationship is simple and effective.
  • Brand Managers, who specialize in particular brands and business areas, will also be available to help you to answer any pre-sale questions, advise on equipment selection and produce estimates. You will therefore find ITANCIA has all the skills needed for the proper development of your sales.
  • Our sales department is open daily from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 1.45 pm to 6.30 pm Monday to Thursday and until 6 pm on Friday. Receptiveness is key in our businesses, and ITANCIA is waiting to hear from you.
  • Certified technical support to advise your own technical staff pre- and post-sale. We work alongside you at every stage in producing your installation and architecture. You are therefore able to work with complete peace of mind.

Online technical support

Online technical support :

The ITANCIA support team (based in La Jubaudière near Cholet in western France) assists our customers with their technical project(s), offering technical training sessions and daily support via the hotline. Our customers can also access various tools and data sheets regularly updated by our technicians via a download portal.

Benefit from our expert technical department which is available to your sales representatives and technicians.

Our hotline packages :

  • Zen Pack: Standard contract for €900, unlimited annual access
  • Pre-paid Pack: 5 x €250 tickets valid for 1 year or 10 x €450 tickets valid for 1 year
  • Freedom Pack: You are only billed at the end of the month if you have initiated any tickets during this period (based on €60 per ticket)

Our commitments :

  • A weekday service available from 9 am to 12.30 pm and 1.45 pm to 5.15 pm
  • Response time of between 2 and 4 hours, depending on incident severity
  • A resolution time between 4 hours and the next day, depending on severity and availability of your own technical staff, and excluding incidents escalated to the manufacturer (excluding Avaya IP Office 8.1 and above)
  • Systematic reproduction of your incidents in our workshops before reporting a fault to the manufacturer
  • Online ticket creation and follow-up
How you benefit on a daily basis :
  • An online hotline accessible 24/7 from your customer area
  • A certified, fully-mobile technical team operating across all of mainland France
  • Skills sets covering an extended product range including Unify, Avaya and Alcatel
  • Test platforms for modelling all types of projects
  • Regularly updated online technical data
Key figures :
  • 4,530 tickets (incidents) logged for Alcatel, Avaya and Unify (voice and data)
  • 310 installation firms helped in France and Switzerland
  • 99% of incidents requested handled internally (only 1% of incidents required escalation to the manufacturer after incident reproduced in our workshops)
  • Our Unify, Avaya and Alcatel certified technicians dealt with 93% of requests in under 2 hours
Pre-sales service :
  • Assessment of customer need
  • Feasibility studies – pre-sales support
  • Configuration and installation of models
Production of various configurations :
  • On-site travel for configuration and deployment
  • Remote configuration – Pre-configuration before shipment
  • Skill transfer
After-sales service :
  • Installation monitoring
  • Technical hotline: to find out more (link to the maintenance contract page)
  • Incident handling with the option of remote problem solving or on-site calls for fault resolution

Training your staff

Key figures :
  • AVAYA, 2,800 hours of training :
    • IP Office 9 basic
    • IP Office 9 advanced
    • Server Edition
  • UNIFY, 1,200 hours of OpenScape Business training :
    • OpenScape Business basic
    • OpenScape Business advanced
    • OpenScape Office Contact Center

Developments :

ITANCIA has become a certified ALCATEL-LUCENT training centre and as such we offer ACFE certified training on OmniPCX Office R10.

New content is regularly added to our provision. Click here to download our catalogue (include the link).
ITANCIA is now a certified AVAYA training centre. View our training schedule here and sign up online!

Training your staff :

Since technology is constantly developing and the leading telecoms brands are true innovators, it is essential to train your staff to ensure proficiency in sales, installation and maintenance processes.

Based on staff type and any needs you may have identified, we offer our trainees training programmes that are tailored to everyday operations.

Moreover, very often after a training course, knowledge fades if it is not immediately put to use, and technical staff can then experience some difficulty. At ITANCIA, training lasts for a year. We support each trainee for a year, giving them free access to our technical department.

After-sales service

After-sales service :


  • Optimized after-sales service management :

Our group deals with all defective equipment distributed by ITANCIA using an RMA process to most effectively forward requests and improve response times.
By indicating in advance the reason for returning a product, we can direct our customers’ requests more efficiently and offer transparency about what happens to every returned item.


  • Online RMA submission :

ITANCIA has improved its dealer area and now provides a tool that will enable you to more easily create and track your RMA requests.
All your RMA requests are now managed via your dealer area (repair under warranty, goods returned credit note requested, sub-standard goods received).


To take full advantage of online RMA, log in to your customer area..

Benefits to you :
  • Time savings
  • Quick search for items for which you wish to submit an RMA
  • Availability: Real-time RMA tracking accessible online 24/7
  • Responsiveness: Online RMA allows direct discussion with our after-sales department, reducing response time for all warranty requests
  • Visibility: Your receive email notification of changes of status for your RMA

WEEE services

Dismantling service :

ITANCIA makes use of a network of partners to deliver equipment dismantling and recovery services nationwide.

  • PABX dismantling: (dismantling of PABX boards, removing the frame, disconnecting batteries, removal of peripherals, site cleaning)


  • Equipment recovery :
    • Analogue and digital devices packaged in a cardboard box
    • Equipment inventory (devices and PABX boards)
    • Collection and packaging for boxing or palletting of all PABX equipment
    • Technical premises cleared of all PABX equipment and terminals
    • Equipment transported to processing site

Removal from site :

The customer dismantles and packages the equipment, ITANCIA takes charge of removal from the site for WEEE processing.

WEEE processing : 

The manufacturer, marketer and in some cases the customer is responsible for their waste and has to comply with WEEE regulations :

  • European directive 2002/96/EC on the disposal of waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • European directive 2012/19/EU imposing a minimum target of 75% recycling from 13 August 2012
  • Statutory decree no. 2005-829 of 20 July 2005, plus relevant application orders

Logistics service

Logistics service :

ITANCIA has over 20,000m² of secure, innovatively managed storage space. Our building in La Jubaudière near Cholet in western France is equipped to comply with the latest environmental standards with a view to minimizing its ecological footprint.

For your deployment projects, our service comprises : 

  • Stock holding (of your deployment equipment) including stock management and insurance provision
  • Our staging offer consists of the following :
    • Pre-setting
    • Pre-configuration
    • Special logotyping
    • Bundle building
    • Assembly of electronic sub-assemblies
  • Order management and processing : ITANCIA guarantees next-day shipping (before 1 pm) anywhere in mainland France and a provides a regular activity report

For your after-sales service, our service comprises :

  • Management of manufacturers’ warranties
  • ITANCIA becomes your one-stop shop for management of all your manufacturers’ warranties
  • Extended warranties: ITANCIA offers extended warranties on equipment purchased