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Who are we ?

Founded in France in 1991, our company started business selling refurbished (or “eco-recycled”) business telephone equipment, and then quickly diversified into the distribution of telecommunications and network infrastructure equipment, electronic repairs, value-added services, and bespoke logistics.

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Our aim is to become the leading value-added distributor in corporate telephone solutions and network infrastructure in Europe and Africa. To warrant the trust placed in us, we have to be different and innovative, developing value-added service solutions that generate revenue, demonstrate a differentiating factor, and respect the environment.

Yann PineauYann Pineau

Yann Pineau, ITANCIA President

“We want to show, every day, that it is now possible to serve our customers by offering economical and green solutions.”

Our Strategy
Having exceeded turnover of €160 million in 2018, our current aim is to exceed €200 million in 2020, notably by developing our export business, listing new products covering new applications and pursuing an ambitious acquisitions policy.
Our values
To ensure success, all our projects are built around three fundamental values. They all encompass the same desire to fully satisfy our customers while taking care not to harm the planet.
ITANCIA is perpetually seeking performance so as to offer ever more innovative and adaptable solutions. Our definite taste for new challenges is a driving force behind our success and has sharpened our competitiveness. Our strong corporate culture also contributes to the success of our projects with our customers and partners.
Team spirit
No communal spirit can be generated without free communication within a team. ITANCIA has forged relationships built on trust with its partners, customers and employees. A team is built, team spirit is cultivated.
Green issue
ITANCIA is an environmentally and socially responsible company. We have included respect for the environment as a route to progress. Putting our own Sustainability Policy in place, we have included a continuous improvement process within our operations, built in conjunction with all staff.