ITANCIA is a value-added distributor specializing in corporate telephony and network infrastructures.

It works in partnership with major business communication operators to offer diversified, innovative and scalable solutions.

We cover the following areas:

Unified communications

In the telecommunications and office automation industry, unified communications relates to a set of new services for business professionals that enable the following to be closely integrated (or ‘unified’) :

  • Real-time interpersonal telecommunication modes such as fixed and mobile telephony, videotelephony, audio/video conference bridging, etc.
  • Collaborative tools (e.g. instant messaging, presence, web conferencing, sharing and document management systems, etc.).
  • The computer environment, notably office automation tools such as the electronic messaging client, calendar, word processor and presentation viewing software.

Users can therefore access communication tools while continuing to use the IT tools they need for their daily tasks.
ITANCIA has opted to forge alliances with the main operators in this field and continues to list innovative operators.


We are getting increasingly used to wearing audio and telephone headsets with or without Bluetooth technology. They make our lives easier allowing us to keep our hands free and protecting us from acoustic shocks and ambient noise, especially in open-plan offices, using the latest noise reducing technology which quite literally eliminates all external sources.
ITANCIA works with three main brands in this constantly expanding market: Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser.

Collaborative solutions (Audio conferencing / Video conferencing / Interactive whiteboard / Video projector)

Audio-conferencing solutions are crucial to any company that wants its staff to collaborate internally and externally in similar conditions to a physical meeting on one site. When organizing multi-participant meetings, these solutions enhance collaboration, are effective and clearly save time.
Besides enabling attendees to hear one another, video-conferencing is a solution that enables participants to see each other, present documents and work more collaboratively.
Companies implementing video-conferencing systems can also claim green credentials. A study carried out by the Carbon Disclosure Project and American telecom operator AT&T estimated that a large company with 4 video-conferencing rooms can save 900 trips per year and cut its greenhouse emissions by a level equivalent to 434 private cars being withdrawn from circulation.

Video projector market :
With over 300,000 units sold last year, the video projector market appears to be stabilizing. From home cinema video projectors to business products, we offer all the latest technologies including a touchscreen and collaborative video projection experience.

Interactive whiteboard market :
Collaboration is a key priority for businesses. Using SMART technologies, collaboration is made easier by sharing information, instant messaging and multi-site interaction. These large touch screens bring people together, whether they work far away from each other … or see each other every day.

DECT/SIP phones

ITANCIA has forged partnerships with the key players in corporate telephony to give you the flexibility of DECT/IP/analogue systems and our knowledge of the telecoms industry enabling us to offer reliable, bespoke solutions.
Our partners’ solutions are recognized for their modularity, reliability and robustness. They boast clean, lavish designs while also being simple to use.
Most DECT products include the essential features of any telephone as well as your own specific industry applications. SIP phones are subject to constant innovation in a market that continues to be highly creative, combining the latest IP functions with simple, elegant designs.


In the current climate where companies are seeking smart solutions to cut costs while developing their information systems, many firms are deploying unified communication solutions. PBX, whether analogue or digital, can play a key role here. It allows the entire infrastructure to communicate and is the hub or key link in your system.
So it’s important to get it right! ITANCIA works in partnership with the leaders in unified communications (UNIFY, ALCATEL-LUCENT, AVAYA, PANASONIC) offering you all its expertise. Our trained and certified teams will help you with your business and offer guidance on your most complex offers and configurations, especially with respect to solutions such as Open Scape Office from UNIFY, IP Office from Avaya, OXO or Open Touch from Alcatel-Lucent, NS 700 Panasonic.


Many companies now use networks. These networks have experienced systematic growth over the years and are no longer able to meet distribution requirements imposed by the new wave of real-time applications.
An expanding range of collaborative tools (especially new tools arising from unified communications), deployment of IP-based video surveillance solutions and the rapid increase and diversification of terminals connected to networks have generated completely unpredictable application traffic patterns and continue to affect companies’ network infrastructure.
Besides the issue of increased bandwidth use, the network infrastructure is tasked not only with simplifying the implementation of these services (location, power supply management, etc.) but also with ensuring that they run smoothly (service quality, optimized routing, etc.).
A wide variety of products, solutions and brands are available for resolving these issues.
ITANCIA has chosen strong partners who are leaders in their markets, such as Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Zyxel, ZTE and Eaton, in order to meet new market requirements.

Payment methods/gateways

We distribute advanced network gateway solutions that are deployed globally in fixed and mobile broadband IP networks for small, medium and large companies. Choose from our voice-over-IP gateway, multi-service voice data gateway or business SBC models.

Access control and video surveillance

ITANCIA distributes conventional access control solutions and is increasingly expanding its catalogue to include sophisticated video surveillance solutions. The global IP video surveillance market is set to hit almost €43 billion in 2019 with an annual growth rate of approximately 24% between 2013 and 2019. The transport market (public transport and road networks) is the biggest of the video surveillance application segments accounting for approximately 20% of the global market. It is set to experience annual growth of around 21% between 2013 and 2019. Other industries including distribution, hospitality, sports complexes (stadia) and the hospital sector sustain demand.
Our group intends to develop this important market to help achieve its growth goals for 2015 to 2018. We have adopted our usual approach of forging alliances with key market players and distributing flagship products.

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